Novél Architecture (final post)

Square in Space


Kinetower by Kinetura


The Confinanza Tower / the Tower of David / Vertical slum in downtown Caracas

Source: CrowdStorms

Caracas, Venezuela. Considered the world’s highest squatter building. More than 2,500 squatters live 28 stories up in the 45 story uncompleted skyscraper. Each inhabited floor has electricity, jury-rigged to the grid, and water is transported up from the ground floor. Few of the building’s terraces have guardrails. Even walls and windows are absent on many floors. Dozens of DirecTV satellite dishes dot the balconies. The tower commands some of the most stunning views of Caracas. It contains some of its worst squalor.

this is not a photoshopped picture!

Habitat 67

Source: 2leep Blog
Habitat 67 is a housing complex in Montreal that was designed by Moshe Safie.

The Yellow Treehouse Restauraunt

Source: Newgroup on Usenet, alt.architecture newgroup

The slide house by LEVEL Architects, Japan

Source: SpaceInvading Inspiration Blog

Sedlec Ossuary

A small Roman Catholic chapel, located beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints in Sedlec, a suburb of Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic. The ossuary is estimated to contain the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people.

Source: CrowdStorms

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