Google Map Haxxx

Google Map Hacks is an archival site that relies on user-generated content to locate architecturally noteworthy buildings on popular online mapping tools.

This is the The Piano and Violin house of Huainan.

Users have provided links that pin point it on Google Earth, Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth and Yahoo Earth.

The mapping software is embedded within Google Map Hacks so the user never needs to leave the site.

Google Maps:

Microsoft Virtual Earth:

Yahoo Earth:

The site is particularly interesting because whilst it does not generate any content of its own per se, but by collating information from a number of competing agencies it provides a resource with more information than can be obtained purely by one of the major companies.

The site itself relies on the altruism and interest of the user for its success. It’s strength is in the ease of uploading and accessing the content. If the user experience was less fluid, the site would languish with a lack of information, and not fulfill it’s purpose.

It is interesting to note that the site’s popularity is not hindered by its garish aesthetics and blanket advertising. It relies on the simplicity and practicality to achieve its goals.

For the purpose of our group in collating information of the worlds most impressive architecture as nominated by as wide-reaching canvas as possible, the fact that you can sort the buildings by popularity serves our purpose supremely.


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