Facebook and 2leep

Keen to get started on collaborating online, I decided to start where a lot of people these days decide to start; Facebook. Inspired by the scene in “The Social Network” where Mark posts up photos of some piece of art and asks people to comment their thoughts on it to later make an essay out of. So I asked people in my status what some cool buildings were and waited for people to comment. 

The comments were almost all helpful in leading me to an interesting piece of architecture I hadn’t heard of before, which was more than I expected.

Later on, still in need on further online collaboration, I went to a site I often visit, which I found using StumbleUpon, usually when there is something more important to do, 2leep.com. 2leep advertises itself as a site for ‘connecting bloggers’. Anyone can submit articles, and the range on the site is enormous. The articles tend to go for the interest factor over anything else, with titles often using words like ‘incredible’, ‘amazing’ and ‘bizarre’.

On 2leep, I found an ‘architecture’ tag in the cloud on the left, which led me to a page of articles that were all showing incredible architecture from around the world throughout history. An example of the articles shown is this one:

10 Most Fascinating Castles and Palaces



From 2leep and Facebook, some of the buildings can be seen below:




Science Museum

Mineral House




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