Reddit and Technorati

After using the website we came across the website, where interesting and creatively sound architecture around the world are displayed. Reddit was quite simple to use as it works similarly to a search engine, but rather than generating results based purely on search inquiries, it places the results in order of whether people (users of Reddit) have liked or disliked the content. Subsequently when results are generated only relevant to user information and interesting information is produced as the order of the search results are dependent on the amount of times users have liked the website. Similarly, there is another collaborative virtual environment called While Reddit is designed for a large scale target audience, Technorati is more specific to an audience that requires information from experts of their topic of interest. This concept is similar to that of wikipedia however if one were to write for technorati they would often be people who specialise in one area and write articles usually only specific to that. Technorati is also quite easy to use. Similar to Reddit it allows for an easy search and appropriate results are released. While results from Reddit are placed in order by user interest, in Technorati results are placed in order of relevance, like most search engines. From both these collaborative virtual environments we were able to find useful, relevant and interesting information about our chosen topic of architecture. The following images were found using the above sources:


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