Crowdstorms: an all-new, just-launched CVE

We here at architecturenovél wanted to share a new CVE which has only gone live (via a private beta) a couple of weeks ago:

CrowdstormsBasically it’s a form of brainstorming via crowdsourcing, hence the name. The way it works is that users can create new topics, which is usually a general concept of something and is not meant to be a direction question to be answered like Yahoo Answers, for example.

From these topics, other users brainstorm ideas and concepts that relate to the topic and add them to the topic pool, essentially making the topic become like an open-ended, global brainstorming session.

It then doubles as an ‘Associative Reference Tool’:

As new topics, items, and associations are created, Crowdstorms cross references them allowing users to explore all of the topics a given item appears on, examine all of the ways two items are related, etc.

So not only is it quite useful for getting past creative blocks, or to gather multiple (and unexpected) perspectives on an idea, it is also fun to contribute to the other topics already placed on the site, such as ‘Things that protect’ (my input was garlic).

Our chosen topic was placed so to have a brainstorming session with the users of the site to discover further content related to extraordinary architecture:

Because it’s a new CVE there are not a huge amount of active users yet, however within only a few hours 11 items were added to the topic. I have asked the creators to feature the topic via twitter as a ‘staff pick’ which they will create on Monday, which should see a surge of items added!

Update: our topic was featured as staff pick!



One Comment on “Crowdstorms: an all-new, just-launched CVE”

  1. Thanks for writing about Crowdstorms! We’re only a small community right now, so the Staff Picks aren’t something that always make a difference, but we hope they will as we grow! We’d love to hear more thoughts about the community so we can improve.

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